One-nil to the . . . Super Blades!

Blades (1) vs Arsenal (0), 21 Oct 2019

For those old enough to remember, it used to be Arsenal that were famous for 1-0 wins. Here Sheffield United hit Arsenal early (with Lys Mousset scoring on 30′) and then set the catenaccio. The Blades made 176 passes in the first 30 minutes of the match and did not equal that figure again before the final whistle, making only 155 more passes during the game. Arsenal had the bulk of possession after the first 30 but could not find a way through, making 521 passes in the 67 minutes after United scored but to little effect.

A great defensive performance against a team packed with quality. One can imagine that Chris Wilder and Alan Knill cracked open a Peroni and grinned about everything having gone to plan.

team Arsenal Sheffield Utd
xG 0.9 1.2
shots 9 8
onTarget 0.44 0.62
passes 675 331
passSucc 0.84 0.70
deepC 27 24
avgLine 49 49
directness 0.38 0.61
ppda 8 12
shots6 1 1
shotsPen 4 4
shotsOutside 4 3
touches 821 491

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-6

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-8

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-9

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-10

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-12

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-14

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-15


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