Blades at Norwich: Two quick goals allow Wilder’s boys to get choosy about pushing on

Chris Wilder said if there was a Blades swear box it would have been a lot fuller after half time at Norwich. And most people seemed to agree that United went out with extra vigour in the second half.

That resulted in two quick goals around the 50-minute mark, then we let Norwich have more of the ball in the second period but pressed them at opportune moments.

You can see the relative numbers of passes per 10 minute period here.


And here are just Sheffield United passes, with a very noticeable drop-off in the second 45.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-12

Here’s where we pressed them in the top 3/5 of the pitch.


Here are some more charts for extra context.


team Sheffield Utd Norwich City
xG 0.605 1.090
shots 9 14
onTarget 3 4
touches 616 769
deepC 19 17
touchesInBox 23 26
passes 460 623
passSucc 0.685 0.767
ppda 7.16 7.67
directness 0.585 0.516
avgLine 47.8 46.7
shots6 NA NA
shotsPen 6 8
shotsOutside 3 6

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-6

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-8

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-15


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