Preview: Blades vs a leaky Norwich

Preview: Norwich vs Blades, 8 Dec 2019

The starkest stat to start with for this match is the goal difference table. This tells the story of a Norwich team that outshoots the Blades by a little, with almost the same goals scored tally, but which allows lots of shots and lots of them converted.

Norwich goals for is 16 (Blades 17) while the Canaries goals against is more than double the Blades (32 vs 15).


That’s even more apparent when we look at shots against and goals against per game, where Norwich are among the worst in the PL. They’ve racked up a staggering 256 shots against so far.


That’s reflected in the expected goals/against tally too, which measures numbers and quality of shots taken and allowed. While the Blades keep shots against pretty much in line with their shots for, Norwich allow way more shots than they take.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-4

Norwich are way less direct, and play much less high than United. That’s shown by their lower deep completions numbers as well as, obviously, their average line, portion of time spent in opponents’ final thirds, and directness numbers.

team Norwich City Sheffield Utd
P 15 15
F 16 17
A 32 15
xG 16.1 18.4
xGA 29.0 17.4
shots 173 158
shotsAgst 256 169
passesPG 494 445
passSuccPG 0.797 0.726
ppdaPG 12.00 9.14
deepCPG 11.3 23.5
touchesInBoxPG 23.2 19.9
avgLinePG 43.5 49.2
opp3rd 0.218 0.297
directnessPG 0.487 0.542




plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-7



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