Blades up to 5th as they take the game to Spurs

Spurs (1) vs Blades (1), 2 Nov 2019

Leaving aside the ludicrous VAR decision, this was a superb performance from Sheffield United, who could easily have walked away with three points.

United took the game to Spurs from the start, with what seemed like a conscious plan to force things from early on. No goals resulted from that period of pressure but it meant Tottenham didn’t get into their stride.

Spurs are clearly a side full of great quality and we were outshot, pot-possessed, out nearly everything, but it didn’t feel like it.

This was the Blades second most intense pressing performance of the season so far (PPDA of 8.76). Breaking that down into 10-minute segments it is possible to see periods in which pressing was applied more than in others. See that breakdown here in a separate blog post.


team Tottenham Sheffield Utd
xG 1.45 1.14
shots 17 14
onTarget 5 4
touches 803 586
deepC 16 15
touchesInBox 24 17
passes 648 420
passSucc 0.827 0.733
ppda 6.29 8.76
directness 0.416 0.555
avgLine 47.0 50.5
shots6 2 NA
shotsPen 5 8
shotsOutside 10 6

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-6

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-10

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-12




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