Blades break from the middle to destroy Burnley by HT

Blades (3) vs Burnley (0), 2 Nov 2019
A great win that puts the Blades up to 6th in the PL.

In some ways we out-Burnleyed Burnley, coming out as more direct than them, and content to let them have more of the ball, make more passes etc.

But Sheffield United had many more shots and seemed to make the bulk of our chances from pressing, turnovers and rapid breaks out from the middle third.

It may be that the 90-minute stats mask some intense periods of pressing and more careful build-up play.

Our touches in the opponent’s box outweighed deep completions* for only the third time this season. Against West Ham and Liverpool were the other times this happened.

(* Deep completions are passes in the final ~20m of the pitch)

team Sheffield Utd Burnley
xG 1.59 0.74
shots 13 6
onTarget 0.38 0.83
passes 426 514
passSucc 0.67 0.73
deepC 23 18
touchesInBox 27 13
avgLine 48 47
directness 0.60 0.54
ppda 11.3 7.3
shots6 1 NA
shotsPen 11 5
shotsOutside 1 1
touches 555 629

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-6

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-8

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-9

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-10

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-12

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-14

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-15


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