Who are the Championship’s corner kings so far this season?

So far, it’s West Brom, who have banged in seven goals from less than 100 corners, for a success rate of 7.07% .

Least efficient are Nottingham Forest, with one goal from 103 corners, for a 0.97% success rate.

The average is 2.71 goals per every 100 corners. Scroll down for your team’s numbers.

Sheffield United top the table for sheer volume of corners (173), which is testament to how high they play around opponents’ penalty areas. But their success rate is below average, at 1.73%.

Corners plot copy

I made this plot from data released on Twitter by Stuart Reid, a set-piece analyst/coach who goes under the handle @From_The_Wing

While I think this is interesting, I do wonder if this is too small a sample size to draw too many conclusions from. With a range of just six goals, it wouldn’t matter how well-rehearsed your corners are for a couple of bits of luck either way make a big difference to these standings.

Corners numbers grab


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